Program Development

Our experience in developing and implementing curriculums, assessments, documentation, staff training, and even space aesthetics are available to you as you strive to do what works for your team and organization.


Summer camps and other camp programs offer unique opportunities to engage in creative experiences. Whether it’s team building, processing grief, developing coping skills, a think tank, or much needed relaxation and relief of stress, we offer services tailored to each need, because everyone loves a happy camper!

Corporate Retreats

Allow us to provide your valued team with support, appreciation, validation, and self care resources to prepare them to return to their work invigorated, energized, and inspired.


We are experienced in providing succinct, purposeful, applicable trainings on a variety of topics including reducing stress, working collaboratively, communicating effectively, practicing mindfulness, and increasing confidence.

Team Building and Engagement

These highly interactive opportunities allow for productive dialogue, creativity, problem solving, and fun! We tailor the services we offer to the unique needs of each team and offer a personalized experience for both engagement and enjoyment.

Presentations and Speaking

Education is key to understanding. We are always grateful for the opportunity to share the research data and stories of success that guide all the services we provide.

Therapy Consulting

We are prepared to discuss the unique services we offer and how they can be made available to the populations you serve.

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